Le Valaine




Guided Tours


Duration : approx 1 hour

From Easter to November 11 th
Sunday and bank holidays at 11 am
From July to August
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, 
Wednesday and bank holidays at 11 am

The shop is open every day  
From March to November, 9 am to 12:30 pm, and 2.30 pm to 7 pm 

Contact: Agnès Dherbécourt

All visits are guided. Bathrooms and two parking areas are available.

Individual rates: 
18 yrs. and up = 7 €,  8 - 17 yrs. = 5 €
under 8yrs (accompanied by a parent) - free.
Group rates upon request.

How do you find us?

At the Etretat exit, going in the direction of Le Havre, take the second small road on your right.

Agrandir le plan

In this unforgettable visit, Bernard will welcome you in the language of your choice:
English, German, or Franch (or possibly Italian our Spanish for groups). During the hour-long tour you will have fun while learning about our farm with the irresistably amusing Bernard.

In the course of the guided visit, you will make amazing discoveries about the surroundings of the Manoir de Cateuil, the life of the animals, our techniques for raising and feeding the goats, and the stages and transformations of the milk in our modern an efficient dairy, which uses only the newest methods of hygiene.


An educational visit in an exceptional setting.

A typical "Clos-Masure" surrounds the grounds. The Clos-Masure is an earthen enbankment planted with oaks, beech trees, poplars and chestnut trees. The grounds include 20 hectares of orchards pastures, and gardens.

A beautiful, clear view of Etretat and its cliffs.

The livestock is made up of 60 ("Alpine Chamois") dairy goats and two billy goats. The herds are housed in spacious and comfortable barns and are let out in the pasture for six hours every day. Twice daily, meals consisting of alfalfa, hay, and straw are offered to the goats, and during the milking, which also occurs two times a day, a mixture of ground barley and kernels of corn is given to the goats as a reward for their creamy milk

At the end of your visit:
You will know everything about
the making of goat cheese,
and you will have the opportunity to make a purchase form our store.